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A totally moving experience.........

about ME!


I had a moving experience very early on in my young life..... in fact, I was less than a year old when I ran away from my home in South Carolina and struck out on my own for high adventure.

First I stalked the paths around Swan Lake in Sumter, SC.  Lots of birds there, but they were too fast and too smart to catch, so I would just sit on the perimeter of the lake and watch the graceful swans paddle around in their small flocks.

Bored, I ventured towards the big city life of Columbia, SC.  Wow, the lights, the music, the activity.  Fabulous, but also scary.  Way too much nightlife for a little kitty like me.  So I found a nice warm spot, out of the way of the crowds, and curled up to get some sleep.  I would continue on my travels in the morning.

The golden orb of the sun was just peeking up above the horizon when my eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the morning light.  It's going to be a beautiful day and I'm going to make the most of it.  Next stop, Lexington!

Yep, here's a nice little quiet town with clean streets and not too much traffic to dodge.  Lots of green grass to roll around in and catch grasshoppers.  That's still my favorite game of all time!  And there were pretty butterflies and ladybugs to tease.  Ah, I think I like Lexington, so I slid around the block a bit where lo, and behold, there was a nice clean hotel!  Hotels are a good thing.  They have lots of people who come in and out.  Especially during the summer when humans are on vacation. Hmmm, yes, this would be a good place to set up my homestead.

Well, I stayed there for a couple of weeks and got lots of pets, a couple of handouts, but mostly the hotel staff would shoo me away anytime I would try to sneak in the hotel lobby.  Especially when it rained.  Seems like no one likes a wet cat on a rainy day.  Hiss!

Then one day, two really nice ladies came to the hotel to visit a friend.  They looked like animal people and the big blue thing they came in had birds heads on the side of it.  Hmmm, I thought they needed to be checked out.  So I went up and rubbed against the shorter one.... then the taller one, then looked up at her and batted my golden eyes.  Wonder where they were from?  Maybe they lived right here in Lexington and I could move in with them and be a pampered baby for one of them.  After all, I did leave everything behind when I left home.....  I think I found a new mommy.

Yep, I purred and headbutted both of them and pretty soon they were talking about who would adopt me.  They called it rescue, but I was way too pretty, clean and healthy to be your run of the mill rescue.  But I let them think whatever they wanted to..... I wasn't born yesterday.

Pretty soon I was sitting in the nice ladies' lap and purring quietly as they drove away from the hotel... and I still didn't know where I was going, but I was warm, and comfortable, and being pampered.  Time for a little nap.

In my kitty dream I realized I was supposed to go home with the taller lady.  Seems like I was meant to go north with her to the other Carolina, so very nicely, I nipped the shorter lady to let her know that I had chosen the other lady to be my mom.  Oooh, she was not happy about that nip, and I didn't mean to hurt her, but I wanted her to know I had made my choice.

And it was time for me to move on to North Carolina!

I have now been in my new home for about four months, and I have never regretted my choice.  When I got here, I was given a very large bedroom, complete with a nice warm waterbed, shelves in a walk-in closet to climb up, and a big garden size jacuzzi to put my litter box in so I didn't make a mess.  There was even a big white fluffy carpet for me to roll around in.  The only thing missing were the bugs to chase.

It's a wonderful life I have fallen into and I'm so glad I pack a light bag when I move around.  I don't bring a lot of baggage with me, and I don't plan on moving again because I'm quite content here.  My house sits on a largely undeveloped field of wood and grass.  I went outside once, and see the yard through the bedroom window, but I don't go outside much so I don't get bitten by fleas and ticks and mosquitos.  No, my new family loves me a lot and the nice lady who is now my meowmie, spoils me rotten.  Her husband does too.

I'm one lucky kitty!