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To: Bella
From: Carolina Kitty


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Dear Bella,

So YOU have come along to try to steal my meowmie, Lisa. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I suppose that is OK...I will share. However, you must purr to her to continue to love ME...her first cat! Be very nice to her and when you get a chance, hisssss at those big doggies to show them who is really the boss!

Carolina Kitty



Well, this is the first welcome note I got from my big sister, Carolina Kitty, better known as CK.  Really makes a kitty want to stay in the neighborhood.  But I understand.

Let me introduce myself and give you a little background on me.  I was adopted on May 5, 2002 from the Hampton Inn at Lexington, SC.  I had been hanging around the hotel for a couple of weeks scrounging for food when two lovely ladies came to visit a guest staying at the hotel.  They just needed a couple of good rubs and a purr or two to convince them that I needed to go home with them.... wherever that might be.  All the way to one ladies' house, they were trying to determine if I would stay in SC or go home with the other lady to NC.  Well, I'm living in Dover, NC right now, and extremely happy to have taken over about a third of the house for myself.  I am the reigning queen here and am quite comfortable sleeping on the top shelf of the walk in closet in the master bedroom.  The ladies' hubby was a real pushover.  I was very sweet and respectful to him and he realized that I was a very special lady myself.  Call me the seductress.

So that's how I came to NC.  The two ladies of Lexington, SC gave me the name Belladonna before they left that day I was adopted.  It fits.  It fits very well as I am truly a mysterious seductress that is a most feminine lady.